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December 06, 2022



I'm not sure how I found this site, but whoever runs this and writes these articles, you do a great job of breaking down all of the matchups. I try to research all of the bowl games prior to making my picks and you have great insight. The matchup comparisons + the game ratings and other factors do an excellent job of breaking down nearly every aspect of each game.
I don't always agree with your picks this season, but I respect the process and appreciate all of the analysis.


Thanks Joe. I haven't done bowl previews in a few years, it's quite an involved process and takes some time! I appreciate the kind words and you've got the right idea (about not always agreeing with picks), the best plan is to take insight from a number of sources since no one gets all the bowl games right. I just try to present all the information, then I decide which info to ignore to make my pick. That's the hardest part, the part everyone should do for themselves.

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