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December 15, 2014



Louisville is 9-3 you have them listed as 9-4 over there schedule. Or maybe you really want Georgia to win. I keep thinking Georgia is going to win, I was at the Mizzou game were Georgia shut them out. They looked pretty awsome in that game. MIZ-


Thanks Aaron, got that fixed. I agree Georgia is the better team by a country mile and if they play like they did against Missouri (or Auburn) it won't be a contest. But psychology matters as much as talent in games like the "Belk" Bowl. Trouble it, psychology is largely a guessing game. If the OK-Clemson game is any guide, then the Cardinals are in good shape since they are the Clemson in the equation--not a traditional power, expected to take a big step down this year w/o their star QB, and facing a traditional power that is disappointed that they didn't compete for a national title. We didn't pick up on that in yesterday's game and took the Sooners. So the question here is, is Georgia "up" for the game? If they are they'll win, but we're thinking they won't be, just like Oklahoma.


though you were off on the score of this game, I really appreciate your articles for each of these bowl games. They've been critical to my daily game (success) at fanduel and draftkings. Thanks!


thanks Craig. The reviews are meant to be looked at as a whole, not just for the final pick which might be a stab at an upset pick. There are times when we should just trust the power ratings and this was one of them!

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