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October 17, 2014



One of the perverse consequences of the bowl realignment is a lot crappier bowl games. Since the power teams have all concentrated themselves, resulting in tougher conference schedules for them and easier conference schedules for the teams in the lesser leagues. Consequence: a team like, say, Temple that'd be racking up losses to WVU & BC & Pitt & maybe even Rutgers & finishing 4-8 previously, will now instead be facing like SMU and Tulane, and finishing 7-5 and going to a bowl. Meanwhile teams like BC & Pitt, which, in the past, would've been beating up on Temple and finishing 7-5 or 6-6 now have to contend with Louisville & Clemson & Notre Dame & suddenly they're 5-7 and not going bowling. Result: worse teams making bowls, and, hence, crappier bowls.

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