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December 19, 2013



Very nice work over all. Just to let you know I had my own picks, either Sides and Totals, and they match up pretty well with your predictions here. I just tallied it and the result is:
13 Different with yours
21 Same Side or Total

Happy Holidays to you and your family and thanks for the works.


Glad you liked it Neil, thanks


Nice job, but I'm pretty sure Tallahassee is in the Central time zone. So same difference in time zones for the two schools.


hahaha very true, thanks Jarad, I will fix that


Tallahassee is in the Eastern time zone...



Ok, so for everyone's edification: Part of the Florida panhandle is indeed in the Central Time Zone.

But not Tallahassee, which remains in the Eastern time zone.


People will point out that the SEC's streak was broken tonight at 7 straight chamionships, and it's true, but here are a few other angles:

1 - The State of Alabama's streak is broken too, and for my money, that one's far more impressive! Hard to take credit for LSU & Florida being in the big game way back in 2006-2008, but the fact that Alabama & Auburn have taken turns with a title berth for each of the last FIVE SEASONS is kind of amazing.

2 - The SEC's winning streak is over, but the Big Ten's losing streak continues! I doubt that the folks in Columbus and Ann Arbor take much solace in a title win by... Florida State! To me, the attention on the SEC's success has overshadowed the Big Ten's failure. The ACC now has a championship, and the Pac-12 & Big XII are regular contenders for the throne, with Oregon, Texas, Southern Cal & Oklahoma regularly in the mix for the championship game. But the Big Ten hasn't been in the game, and other than having Ohio State or Wisconsin catch a beat down in BCS games when they manage to make it, the conference hasn't really been in the conversation. Perhaps that will be the big talk next season!


Now, immediately after talking about the big ten's haplessness, I'm going to throw them a rose.
That is, because, while Auburn was surely a game competitor tonight, we can reflect on what might have been. That is, if not for an unlikely superlative performance from Tommy Rees waaaay early in the season, we might've been looking at a championship matchup of two undefeated, untied conference champions. That's right, if not for Notre Dame's in-retrospect-incredible 17-10 victory, we'd be watching a matchup of:
Florida State (13-0) vs Michigan State (13-0)!!

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