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December 02, 2012


Max Power

I find the Big East to be one of the most fascinating phenomena in the BCS era. As of 2014, Temple --which was booted out of the Big East in 2005-- will be the only team in the Big East that was a member before that. In some sense, it's a dream come true for all the previously spurned and put-upon teams from the Mountain West, C-USA, WAC, MAC and Sun Belt. Every time another major football school gets poached from the Big East by another conference, it opens up another slot for a non-BCS school to get an automatic bid. And then it raises some challenging questions for the BCS - why is it that Conference USA was and is not qualified for an Automatic Bid, when the Big East which will soon consist of *_NINE_* (9) former C-USA teams (plus a few others) will qualify. Not sure how that could be explained logically.

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