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December 02, 2012



South carolina is in the SEC


Thanks for the catch Hank, fixed the typo. It's too easy to type two characters and change a school's conference.

I actually wish the Big Ten played more ACC teams, especially this year. Might even out the Big Ten's results a bit.


Not all of the teams can be previewed, it starts at the ohio game


Eric - the previews are being written and are posted as available, normally one per day.


Oh, I'm doing bowl mania pickem on espn and your site really helps. Wish you had all of the games.


Eric - Wish we had time to do all the games! Maybe next year we'll bear down and do 3 a day so we'll have them all done before the pick'ems are due.

Hopefully we've already covered many of the games that get less attention...most people already have their opinion on Alabama vs. Notre Dame figured out.

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