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January 05, 2012



The only thing I disagree with you one in the analysis is that the Bearcats will have the home field advantage. I would put money on number of Bison fans in the stadium, I will bet it is over 50% Bison fans. They are a historically good team that has fans that travel well. This will bring the people to a warm stadium in January.


Good point, Kevin, but are there enough people in North Dakota to fill more than half the stadium? Just kidding

In the end I think we pretty much disregarded the effects of home field advantage anyway...but it will be interesting to see what the fan mix is in Frisco.


I'll be surprised if the Bearkats score more than 14 points against a great defense. NDSU has the weapons to wear opponents down. I think we only have to look to the last game to see what the vaunted running attack of Georgia Southern was supposed to do and they were stopped cold as was LeHigh with their heralded passser. On the other hand, it doesn't appear the Bearkats have the defense to stop the Bison who will wear ya down, wear ya down, wear ya down...you get the idea.

28-14 NDSU.


Bison 17 Bearkats 6

If DJ Mc Norton, running for a 50 yard touchdown and with nothing but the enzone in front of him, doesn't flat out drop the ball on about the 10 or 15 yard line, they would be 15-0. Youngstown recovered and turned that unforced fumble into a touch.

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