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November 29, 2011


Ed Davis Fan

I love the 1.1 version!


This is great! This is what I want to see instead of all the "If this happens then this happens" shit everyone else is saying. To hard to keep track of what their saying...this just lays it out in plain site.

Not sure you are right about all the combinations (who could be) but at least it gives an idea. Thanks!!


So, by winning last night West Virginia...eliminated Cincinnati?


Oregon is in the Rose Bowl. That's the only one that is settled after Friday.




Why does TCU get an auto bid if they are in the top 16?



With Houston's loss, TCU is the top non-AQ conference winner. If they make the top 14 they're in, and if they make the top 16—and are higher than the winner of an AQ conference—they're also in. Currently the Horned Frogs are five spots ahead of certain Big East winner West Virginia, so the top 16 is what TCU is shooting for. (West Virginia breaks a 3-way Big East tie by being the top-ranked BCS team of the three).


If OKst POUNDS OK like they are now and end up winning by 24-30 points against the # 10 team in the country. Why couldnt they jump Alabama?


Shawn - It could happen. I cover this possibility under Alabama's writeup...but just picking winners and losers we assume that Alabama holds at #2. A huge win by Oklahoma State will start the pollsters thinking about the Cowboys passing the Tide. It's too hard to tell what they might decide yet.


If Oklahoma State does manage to kick Bama out of the championship, and Bama goes to the Sugar Bowl, what does that mean for Michigan?


Will Oklahoma drop behind Michigan if the other games hold where they are currently?


Thanks for answering. I have another question. Im a Michigan fan.If Ok state jumps Bama does UM take the spot of Ok St in the Fiesta? (Assuming they are 14th) Or whatever BCS bowl they would have gone to?

Thanks alot :)


Oklahoma will DEF. drop below Michigan. They are getting DESTROYED tonite.


If Michigan State loses in a close one to Wisconsin, and they stay ahead of Michigan, could they still go to a BCS game in Michigan's place?


MSU would have to get an AT LARGE bid to make it. And head to head wins wouldnt matter. BCS bowls and any bowl for that matter is all about MONEY and thats why MICHIGAN is even in this position.


Right, I know that Michigan has a bigger fan base than almost any other school, and BCS decisions are made largely based on this, but I don't want to get screwed over by MSU twice in one season.


I dont think the Fiesta Bowl would take KSU over a team like Michigan. KSU is NOT Texas, Oklahoma ect.


Julia, and Shawn - I have another recent post about this. Basically if Michigan gets in, they will probably go to the Fiesta Bowl now.


Kameron - very unlikely for MSU to be picked for the Fiesta Bowl, which would be their only chance. If Michigan is unavailable, Kansas State, the next in line from the Big 12, would probably get it. If Michigan is available they will be picked ahead of the Spartans.

About Oklahoma - yes, it's very possible now that they fall below Michigan, and maybe TCU too. Their computer ranking will fall surprisingly little, and that could keep them ahead of either or both. If they'd lost by a touchdown, they would have stayed ahead easily but now it depends on how much they are punished by the voters.

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