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October 13, 2010


Thomas Kohr    @SKOHR

I bought the book, read it, and thoroughly enjoyed it actually. Yes it was terribly biased which was kind of tough to get through at times but the writers were able to shed light on some of the more egregious corruption by the keepers of the BCS, or the group they term, the "Cartel."

People should really read this book so the arguments against the BCS can be more productive than, "a playoff would be better." This book will help EVERYONE understand why a playoff would be better.

For example the influx of money generated would allow corrupt Bowl commissioners to continue earning their $500,000 paychecks while earning enough money to pay for ALL of the sports teams that have been cut from colleges over the past 10 years due to budget constraints. By upping the earning power of college football from $250 million under the current system to a conservative estimate of $800 million colleges wouldn't have any of their current budget constraints. Especially the schools funded by strapped for cash state governments.


Thanks for the info, Thomas. I'm just tired of Wetzel's constant harping on the same stuff over and over.

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