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November 01, 2009



OK, I agree that USC was overrated at #4, but let's not get carried away in bashing them. You mention that they won on the road against two top 25 teams (Ohio State & Notre Dame) as if that's a bad thing, and then basically discount wins at Cal and over Oregon State as though they were nothing. I mean, but for a late comeback, the ND game was looking like a rout, and I for one am not so sure that a win in Columbus is such a pedestrian feat, the Buckeyes have one of the best defenses in the country.

Also, if there's any "USC phenomenon" going on, it's not them being overrated, it's their weakness in road games in Oregon. From 2006 through today, USC has gone 28-1 (Stanford '07) in games in the state of California (including Rose Bowls), 12-1 in games in the other 48 states (Washington '09), and 0-4 in the state of Oregon.

I agree that USC this year is a good, not great, team, but let's not try to use their performance this season, with a freshman QB, w/o most of their starters from last year, w/o most of their coaches from last year, to try to tarnish their legacy. The fact is that from 2002-2008 USC has been THE preeminent college football program in America, moreso than Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, LSU, Alabama or whomever. They were 82-8 in that timespan, against a tough schedule that featured no cupcake opponents, but rather nonconference games against Notre Dame each year, plus the likes of Ohio State, Nebraska, Arkansas, Auburn, BYU, Fresno State and VirginiaTech. After two early losses in 2003 (to top 10 teams), they won 51 of the next 53 games with the only two losses being an upset at Cal and Vince Young's magical night in the '06 Rose Bowl.
Simply put, Southern Cal has been the gold standard for college football. So even if they struggle a bit this year, I wouldn't quite put the nail in the coffin. I mean, a record of say 10-3 is still pretty good for a "rebuilding year".



That's exactly what I'm saying: USC has been so dominant over the last several years that pollsters are ignoring any deficiencies. My main complaint is with some of the TV commentators who were lamenting that USC was stuck at #8 in the BCS, when even that was generous considering 7 teams were undefeated.

I don't deny that USC's been great, obviously :) But every time they win several games in a row some sportswriter will call them the "best team of all time." Not every year is 2004, but they treat it like it is, even when USC loses.


Welp, after today's game, I think it's pretty safe to say the Trojans are toast. Either that or both Stanford AND Oregon (and Boise State?) are world-beaters.
atBoise State 19, Oregon 8
atOregon 47, USC 20
atStanford 51, Oregon 42
Stanford 55, atUSC 21

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