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September 15, 2008



Boise State doesnt deserve to be so high they will lose to Oregon AND Fresno State and probabbly more. hell Air Force has more chance of going undefeated than the SMURFS


TROY has more chance of beating LSU and Ohio State than the SMURFS have aganst Oregon and Fresno State!


David, correct me if I'm wrong but I sense that you are not a big fan of the Broncos.


Virginia shouldn't even be counted as a "pitfall" for East Carolina, or for anyother team for that matter.


Apparently, David hasn't watched Boise State football for the past decade. Fresno State consistently loses several conference games and always gets blown out on "The Blue". Oregon is completely beatable as they are down to their number 3 (and probably number 4 after the BSU game) quarterback. Granted, Autzen is a tough place to play and Boise has a very young team, but Oregon is vulnerable.

Also, isn't Troy supposed to be in the FCS? :)

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