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February 02, 2008


Go Pats!


they lost bitchz


How is it that the 18-1 1984 49ers are left off of this list? Their ONE loss was by FIELD GOAL, which was only attempted because of a questionable pass interference call against the 49ers. They DOMINATED the 14-2 Dolphins in the Super Bowl 38-16. This is the same Dolphins team that saw Dan Marino throw for 48 TDs.

You need to seriously modify this system. The 2007 Patriots are just like the 1998 Vikings. Spectacular offense, average defense.


>>How is it that the 18-1 1984 49ers are left off of this list?

The 20 teams on the list are the ones cited by ESPN sportswriters and readers from the linked articles. For some reason, the '84 49ers didn't make either list. Probably because other 49er teams were on their mind? I don't know.

I agree the '84 team should have been considered, and if it were included here it would have been 6th--just ahead of the 1989 San Francisco squad.

JAGUARS AT COLTS– Before every Colts game, an announcer will say,“ Gentlemen, start the scoreboard.”

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