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December 03, 2007



Thank you VERY much!!! I have been hoping someone brought this up and you have done a great job at sheding light on this matter.


Good Article.

24K could have surpassed Barry Sanders by now had he played the 2nd half of a few games this season. He sat out since the games were in hand...The Memphis and ULA-LA numbers were put up in the first half.

Also, he put up 149 yards and 2 touchdowns against Texas who has statistically the 10th best rushing defense in the country this year.

I realize he plays in Conference USA but he also runs behind a CUSA Line.... Imagine if he was in the SEC....
He was actually recruited by Ron Zook at Florida, but Zook got fired and Kevin came to UCF...Imagine a Tebow/24K combination.....

It is ridiculous that he did not even get invited as a finalist for the Doak Walker award.....


:: 24K could have surpassed Barry Sanders by now had he played the 2nd half of a few games this season.

Well, Sanders' OK State team had quite a few blowouts itself that he didn't play the nearly whole game in, as well as playing some of the toughest defenses of the time. Nebraska may be swiss cheese this year, but in 1988 Sanders' 189 was the 4th most anyone had ever rushed for against them.

That said, Smith should have been a Doak finalist. Hart just didn't play enough this year, and there was a bit of career-reward going on there.


I believe that if you also went back to count all the bowl games in the stats, then you would find out the Hines Ward would have become the first player to run, throw and receive over 1000 yards in his career. He had a big passing day during a bowl game that would have put him over the 1000 yard mark in his career. Pretty impressive.


Keep in mind that the 222 yards that Barry gained in his bowl game came in just three quarters (and a few times during the regular season, Barry sat out in the 4th).


Kevin who? see what he does in the pros I have a feeling that it will shape up that the fact that he had MORE CARRIES MORE GAMES and got close to Barry will be the absolute highlight of his career

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