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April 17, 2010


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I wouldn't mind seeing this scenario occur, but the power rating doesn't know that Cleveland didn't really try its last few games and sat James. And with Shaq coming back, assuming no chemistry problems it will be the first time that they're really at full strength all year.

And on Utah, it's not clear how healthy Boozer is. Okur's a bit banged up and it looks like Kirilenko will miss the whole first round.


Right, I was going to mention that Cleveland had a 4 game "losing" streak coming into the playoffs. Maybe after the first round I'll factor out injuries/trades and see how that plays out vis a vis Cleveland and Orlando. And by then Utah could be gone which would change the West rep too.

Tera (Online Doctor Consultation)

2nd round is almost coming and the teams you have selected are going now to its position except for the Atlanta Hawks. Today, they are down by 1 (2-3) after winning 2 straight games. But the Bucks, what changes they had made and manage to turn back the series in their favor? I can't wait who's gonna win on this series.


Well Tera, Online Doctor Consultation, it seems that even the Atlanta Hawks made it, so all the teams I picked are in the 2nd round! (Except for the fact that I overruled Utah beating Denver, but let's just forget that one shall we?).

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