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December 16, 2013



There is - admitted, potentially - one major factor for the Bruins that very few are catching onto; Damien Thigpen will return for this game. Prior to the USC game last season, during which he tore his ACL, Thigpen was the second leading rusher on the team, and even started three games in FRONT of Franklin, having earned the spot in practice. He was also Hundley's favorite receiver out of the backfield, and was in the top 10 in kick returns nationally prior to the USC game. If he's even 80% for the VT game, its going to be big! Thigpen, even with the knee brace, remains the fastest 40 yard dash man on the UCLA roster. Go Bruins, and welcome back "Speed Merchant"


PB - Thanks for the info, and no I hadn't been aware of Thigpen's return. About a month ago people were saying he was fully recovered, and then he didn't play the next several games.

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