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December 18, 2013



Well, even after all of your great analysis and stats, I have a slightly different take. A lot of folks are saying the Bears didn’t land a marquee match up in their first BCS bowl and could win in a runaway. I think they will all be wishing they hadn't missed this game because it will be close with a surprise ending and here's why. Both teams played 7 bad teams, their combined records - BU(30-53) and UCF(21-63). They were all wins for both squads (does it really matter by how many points :-)). The other 5 games were against competitive (or somewhat competitive) teams. BU - Oklahoma (10-2), Okl St(10-2), Texas(8-4),Texas Tech(8-5),Kansas St(7-5). UCF - Louisville(11-1),South Carolina(10-2), Houston(8-4),Penn St(7-5),Rutgers(6-6). All of those teams are in bowls except for Penn St. Combined records-BU-43-18,UCF-42-18. In comparing avg stats against those 5 games, most averages matched up or were somewhat close except for one category - rushing which I'm sure O'leary has a game plan for (remember, UCF lost the rushing battle against Sth Carolina in the 2nd half and it cost them the game - been there done that). If the game is close in the 4th qtr, say 10 points or less, UCF will win because they have been clutch (or lucky or magic) all year. Make what you will of it (there is a note on turnovers at the end), Offense: Total yards-BU-508,UCF-446;Passing-BU-260,UCF-288, Rushing-BU-247,UCF-158,third down conversions-BU-33-81,UCF-32-59,points for-BU-36,UCF-30, Time of possession-BU-30,UCF-32....Defense-total yards-BU-390,UCF-395,rushing-BU-131,UCF-145, third down conversions-BU-26-81,UCF-27-63. Time of possession-BU-28,UCF-22. Another game changer is turnovers, anything can happen on a bad or good day for both. if Baylor gets the most, they will win big - Offense BU-5,UCF-10; Defense-BU-18,UCF-10. Go Knights!!


*whew* Thanks Guy. I think if there's anything we left out, you probably covered it...!

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