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December 08, 2013



Awesome analysis, guys. I was searching for a while for some in-depth bowl predictions to help me with my pick-'em pools and there really wasn't anything good out there. I luckily stumbled into this!


Fri 12/27 6pm Texas Houston Syracuse(6-6) vs. Minnesota(8-4)

The Gophers have a great season and have to face a 6-6 AAC team. Politics!

Cuse is in ACC. Not AAC.


Brian-good catch, thanks.


Very nicely done S/R. Just wonder how the result was last year if you had done it, and how do I archive it. Thanks.


Here's last year's bowls:


Not sure we did better than anyone else; these review are for the information only, for you to use in making up your own mind. We make our own pick just for fun. Our picks aren't a "conclusion" but more of a marriage between the data and our hunches.


What fantastic body of sportswriting and analysis! Can't help but wonder about the effort it took to pull this together in such spectacular fashion.


Thank you kindly, sir. The hard part was finishing all the reviews before the first one started, so that people could research for their bowl pools. The other benefit is being able to watch football and not worry about any more reviews!


Off to a rough start. 0-4, wow. Check the data for viruses!! You have to pick one correct eventually right?


Ha, fair enough. 0-4 vs. the spread yes, but a stellar 1-3 on winners! For some reason our first day is ALWAYS awful. Maybe I should always pick the opposite on day one! Hopefully we'll do better later on but that's why we say this is for entertainment purposes only...make your own picks.

And you have to admit the WSU-Colo St game was a freakshow. Things like that makes picking games suck!


wlll you did better on sarturday, 4-0 AGS

but you got the Bama game wrong i can tell you in advance


Good work and very informative. I look forward to your review next year. However, the "Psychology/Motivation" needs to be more than a footnote. That should be the first line, in bold, highlighted and maybe even all caps. No stat or collection of stats outweigh the importance of wanting to win that particular bowl game. Please devote more attention to that most important factor.

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